As the co-founder of a non-profit animal rescue and a pet owner many times over, I know just how devastating it is to lose your beloved furry family member and friend.

I am grateful that I can combine my coaching certifications and experience with my experience in animal rescue to help pet owners overcome the pain and sadness that’s often associated with the loss of a faithful furry or feathery companion.

Pets give us unconditional love. They don’t judge us, and there’s no bitterness or resentment. The pain can be quite significant and last a very long time.

While I am not a licensed grief therapist, I understand the support that’s needed during this incredibly difficult time and have coached many friends, family members, and colleagues through the end of life stages of their pets. 

I apply practical techniques to help you properly grieve and understand the loss of your pet, so you can heal and find joy again.

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A portion of counseling fees are donated to help animals in need.

Kelly is a beautiful person inside and out, warm-hearted and very compassionate towards both animals and people. When my Shih Tzu Sofia Rose passed away during the pandemic, Kelly was only one who truly understood my loss and pain. Her compassionate approach and sage advice helped me heal the emptiness in my heart. Her support and kindness will never be forgotten.

Rosanne Levan