“If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.” – Bill Gates


The PR Project is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to do PR like a pro — but how to do it so you can get on the radar of some of the world’s most influential members of the media and make a greater impact in the world.

How would you like to be seen in the likes of Forbes, InStyle, USA Today, TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CNN, FOX News, Mashable, HuffPo, or The Wall Street Journal?

What if you could attract your ideal clients with ZERO ad spend, increase your rates, and position yourself as the go-expert in your field?

AND, what if you could reach those who need your expertise right now, but just don’t know how to find you…

… So you can make a greater impact in the world through the power of publicity?

With a few good media placements, I have helped clients increase their social media audience by the thousands and their revenues by the MILLIONS!

I have also helped entrepreneurs, startups, and experts reach and serve their ideal clients.

The PR PRoject packs almost THREE DECADES of PR experience PLUS powerful feedback from some of the most influential members of the media into the ONLY PR course of its kind, which not only shows you exactly how to handle public relations like a pro — but how to get it onto the radar of some of the world’s most prominent journalists and reporters and into leading publications.

You no longer need to be a best kept secret. The world needs your voice, your experience, your knowledge, your messages, and your unique gifts. It’s time to shout them from the rooftops!

I am just blown away! We were a little no-name startup, but Kelly’s strategies turned that around by putting us on the map and helping us exceed our fundraising goals by over 300%.  She literally helped my company make millions of dollars just by getting us some good press.

Tareq Risheq


The PR Project is a brand new, online step-by-step training program with six incredible modules, walking you through everything you need to know to become a PR expert in the matter of weeks (not months or years).

By the end of this course, you will have:

Above all else, you will gain the skills and exptertise you need to gain media attention, establish expert positionging, attract your ideal clients, and charge the premium you deserve with confidence (and get them!) while letting the world know about your unique gifts!

“Kelly Reeves is great at what she does. She knows the media; has great relationships and knows how to effectively execute any PR plan to achieve incredible results.

Robert Danese

Kelly Reeves is a highly experienced PR professional with a keen understanding of how to do PR right and great relationships with the media. Her hands-on approach and “go-the-extra-mile” attitude is an asset to anyone who works with her.”

Wayne Silverman

Kelly is a highly effective, personable and knowledgeable communications strategist. I have followed her business with great interest and found her to be highly strategic, trustworthy and an asset to anyone she works with.

Zachary Soreff


Join The PR Project today and be ahead of the crowd!

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As stipulated by law, I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money or press coverage with my ideas, information, tools or strategies. It takes hard work to succeed in any type of business or at anything in life. Plus, no one can ever guarantee what the press will or will not cover. It would be unethical for me to do so.

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